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Aftermarket Parts & Services Together with Zeecos Rapid Response Team, will have your Equipment back Online

When you need the right part, right now—call Zeeco first. From flare tips to pilots and ignition systems, they’re competitive on price and unmatched in experience. The ZEECO® Aftermarket Products and Service team has both the engineering and operations experience to understand the problems you face and the timelines you work under. They typically respond to every parts and service request within 24 hours, but if that isn’t fast enough, they can deploy their Rapid Response Team… designed to deliver under challenging deadlines. With its own workflow, from purchasing and planning through testing and shipping, the Zeeco Rapid Response Team can quickly produce custom parts without the need to work around normal production.  Call Pentad / Zeeco for parts help today!

Kelvion’s Safetytherm Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers have NSF Certification!


Kelvion’s Safetytherm Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers – No chance of product intermixing


With Safetytherm you are always on the safe side. Kelvion’s developers have created a perfect design that absolutely excludes the possibility of non-compatible products mixing with each other. The Solution For Potable Water Isolation! The Safetytherm double-wall plate consists of two extra-thin plates which form a small leakage gap. The inlet and outlet openings of the plates are welded. Apart from that, their design is the same as that of conventional gasketed plate heat exchangers. In the case of a plate crack, the product will not enter the neighboring flow gap, instead entering the leakage gap. The leaking media is then conveyed to the outside via special leakage channels without any product mixing being possible.

The compact design and the functionality of the Safetytherm meets the high standard that is expected of an industry leader such as Kelvion. The ND Series shines as an effective and low-maintenance double-wall solution. Advantages at a glance – high production security with low risk of leakage. OptiWave design – for optimal media distribution. EcoLoc gasket system – for secure seating of the gaskets. PosLoc assembly – for a stable plate package.



BFS Industries is Pentad’s Factory of the Month this March!

BFS Industries, LLC manufactures a complete line of boiler room and diesel generator support products, including Deaerators and Surge Systems, Boiler Feed & Condensate Systems, Fuel Systems and Control Panels.  Systems can range from very basic, to complex and highly engineered.


BFS has remained a constant in this industry for over 60 years and enjoys an excellent reputation for fabricating and assembling systems using only the highest quality components.


Pentad is proud to have represented BFS Industries for nearly a decade.  We’ve always found that BFS combines pride in engineering and workmanship, with excellent value and competitive pricing.


We can help with your boiler room planning or retrofit projects – call us today for a meeting or site visit.


Neptune Chemical Pump Maintenance Video – Diaphragm Removal and Replacement

This video provides the step-by-step procedure to remove and replace a diaphragm in Neptune™ 500/560/600/6000 Series hydraulically actuated pumps.




When you need replacement parts for your Neptune chemical injection pumps, give us a call!


Following is a link to an interesting article written by Esther Bruce and Nikki Jenlink of ZEECO which addresses Staged Flare System Designs for LNG Applications:  http://www.zeeco.com/pdfs/ZEECO-flaring-in-stages.pdf.  This article was published in the November 2016 issue of LNG Industry.  We are always happy to help with your flare requirements, from initial design to final implementation.  Please call us to schedule a meeting!

Victory Energy Boilers


Pentad Associates is proud to announce our partnership with Victory Energy. Victory Energy has an extensive product portfolio of custom-engineered heat recovery, industrial boiler systems and combustion solutions offerings that serve a wide range of industrial and institutional markets. 

From the beginning, the goals of Victory Energy have been to be a single-source solutions provider backed by superior service. Their commitment to customer satisfaction continues to guide their core values. Today, they are a leading boiler supplier offering custom solutions through advanced technologies and state-of-the-art manufacturing.

The engineering that goes into each and every Victory Energy boiler is both exacting and thorough.  You’ll find Victory Energy’s engineering acumen being felt across all boilers, no matter what your needs or operating conditions.  It is a process that’s repeatable on any project that hits their manufacturing floor. 

Every boiler projects starts with the development process for thermal design and boiler size, plus factoring in the job-specific requirements for steam capacity, pressure and temperature, fuels available, emission limitations, physical space limitations, and any additional requirements. Once all this fundamental understanding and work is in place, General Arrangement drawings that depict the equipment dimensions and layout, customer tie-in locations and details, and design data are developed to precise specifications. In the final stage, detailed fabrication drawings are developed that are used throughout the manufacturing process.

Let us here at Pentad Associates help you with your next boiler project. Please give us a call for a presentation or Lunch & Learn.

Why Use A Condensate Polisher?

Graver Water Systems GRF® Condensate Polishers are a proven solution for treating condensate for reuse as boiler feed water, and reduce the need for fresh makeup process water.  GRF® Polishers remove corrosion products such as iron, copper and other metal oxides as well as dissolved solids from the steam condensate, including hardness (calcium/magnesium) and other multi-valent cations resulting in efficient maintenance of boiler water quality.


Polishers are used widely before medium/high pressure industrial boilers to extend service life in steam generators and in various industrial processes. 


Pentad and Graver would be happy to discuss you or your customer’s steam cycle makeup or condensate cycle equipment needs. If a Lunch & Learn is of interest, please call!

Save fuel AND electricity with Webster’s new JBE(X) Boiler Burner

Most boiler burners are designed for fuel economy. But only the new Webster JBE(X) burner reduces both fuel AND electricity usage to vastly improve energy efficiency in commercial facilities to help reduce operating costs.

The JBE(X) combines Webster’s unique high swirl firing head with a highly efficient in-line combustion air fan to provide improved fuel/air mixing. This results in lower motor horsepower requirements. Low excess air across a large operating range translates to higher fuel efficiency and less on/off cycling, reducing heat loss in your boiler.

The end result? Fast payback and the best possible return on your burner investment.

Email us at admin@pentadassoc.com for more information and to find out how much you can save!

AUGUST Factory of the Month

Today we would like to offer some insight into our Factory of the Month – Webster Combustion. Whether you need a small burner or a very large burner, Webster burners combine advanced control technology with proven combustion performance to improve burner efficiency and reduce your energy costs and emissions. Webster Combustion Technology can provide you with an efficient, cost-effective solution to your burner needs. WebsterðÌð•s proven designs can offer multiple fuel flexibility, high efficiency, low emissions, and high turndown burners for new applications or retro-fit of existing installations.

For pricing on parts or new units, or to get more information about our special Factory of the Month, email us at admin@pentadassoc.com.