Replacement Parts & Burner Spares for the Heating Season

Pentad Associates is your local source for Webster Combustion Industrial & Commercial Burners. 


The heating season is upon us already!  We are here to help you with a full line of Webster replacement parts, as well as common spares for Honeywell, Fireye, Maxitrol, Siemens, & ASCO equipment.  If it’s not listed here, but is on your burner, just ask!


it’s important to get the right part when you need it or to have the right spares to prevent downtime. So call us ahead of time, we can save you the stress of a RUSH order and expensive shipping charge.


Webster normally stocks gas & oil ignition electrodes & transformers, blower wheels, air flow switches, gas pilot solenoid valves and pilot regulators.  These are only a few of their biggest movers that are available for immediate shipment.


If you are interested in fuel savings for this winter, Webster’s exclusive Temp-A-Trim auto air density trim system can be retrofitted on an existing burner of any brand to immediately save up to 3% of fuel and 30% on electricity costs. 


You installed boiler may be in need of an upgrade and this is definitely a good time to consider adding new components and controls to improve efficiency and achieve better total energy savings.  Pentad can also recommend the best new burner to reduce excess air & achieve the same output using a lower HP motor, which will save both fuel and electricity costs!

We are happy to help with any of your heating requirements!

E-Tech Heat Recovery Systems

Do you feel like you’re watching your money vaporize with your fuel?  Well E-Tech has the solution! They are a forerunner in Green engineering and manufacture Engineered Heat Recovery Products that save money and the environment.



Their engineered equipment can produce efficiencies of up to 95% from your fuel dollar while reducing pollutants in your exhaust, and their numbers are only improving. E-Tech has been engineering exacting and custom results for waste heat recovery needs since 1976. This commitment has produced thousands of designs for virtually every type of application.



E-Tech only uses the best subcontractors, making sure to hand pick the ones they exclusively know and can rely on to be as exact and thorough as they are themselves. This detailed process guarantees that every piece of E-Tech equipment will meet your needs for reliability and ensures that you will get the results you seek.



What kind of product does E-Tech engineer?  They have developed a multitude of Economizers, Combustion Air, Process & Thermal Fluid Heaters, as well as their own ThermoCharger™ System and ExhaustMizer™ Exhaust Waste Heat Recovery Solution.  The Boiler Room, Engine & Turbine Exhaust, Oven & Dryers, Petrochemical and Rotary Kiln are only a few of their many applications.



E-Tech is a MACT-Compliant Heat Recovery Systems Manufacturer and is compliant with the latest EPA requirements.  Since one method of lowering emissions to meet certain MACT requirements is to add heat recovery equipment, E-Tech can be invaluable in helping a non-compliant boiler room with their efforts.



E-Tech is well-known throughout the industry for their custom engineering, designing and building components to work with existing configurations. Now in their fifth decade of waste heat recovery engineering there is very little they have not seen, and addressed!  Pentad Associates is proud of our past years working with E-Tech, and we would be excited to work with you on any upcoming project or hard-to-source need you may have.  We have many local installations – this photo is of a locally installed slurry cooler skid built by E-Tech.  Please call us today!


Portable Ventilation Equipment by COPPUS¨

Ventilation Solutions that Reduce Safety Risks & Increase Efficiency


*      Proven & Safe

*      Economical

*      Reliable & Trusted


For the past 100 years and more, COPPUS® Portable Ventilators have been the model for performance and reliability around the globe. 


They are excited and prepared to meet and perform to every current guideline & procedure by providing fresh air supply for drying and curing operations, confined space ventilation, equipment and personnel cooling.  


COPPUS®  steam-, air-, water- and electric-driven units are lightweight, versatile and your best option for continuous service in hazardous environments.  


These high-pressure units deliver up to 17,000 cfm (28,890 m3/hr) of free air. A wide range of accessories are available to enhance convenience and safety.


COPPUS® Portable Ventilators are well suited to meet the demands of construction, maintenance and safety professionals in all industrial ventilation services, such as in the Oil & Gas, Tank Storage and Petrochemical Industries. 


COPPUS® Fans & Blowers continually prove to be the safe & economical choice for degassing process equipment, holds & tanks, mechanical vapor, & gas freeing applications. 


COPPUS® is well-known for increasing efficiencies in industrial sectors all over the world.


Pentad Associates would like to assist with equipment selection for new service, or replacement units or spare parts for existing equipment.  Give us a call!

NEW — Webster Combustion’s SC Series Low NOx Burner — NO FGR REQUIRED !

We are proud to join Webster Combustion Technology in introducing their new boiler burner, the model SC Series, which they have specially designed to operate with Low Emissions without the cost and expense of external Flue Gas Recirculation (FGR) piping or associates maintenance issues. The new SC Series combines Webster’s reliable burner technology with a new, patented staged combustion firing head. The SC burner can achieve 30ppm NOx levels while maintaining a very low O2, which results in excellent efficiency, and can achieve as low as 9ppm NOx levels with an increase in O2.

If you also choose Webster’s patented Temp-A-Trim® air density trim system the SC burner will maintain even lower excess air levels as operating conditions change, saving fuel and electricity and lowering maintenance costs. The SC Series is available for firetube, watertube and other heaters and vessel types. It can fire natural or LP gas or No. 2 oil. It has lower excess air requirements for extremely efficient operation. 

Features Include: Excellent flame stability for reliable low NOx performance. Options for various NOx level requirements. Gas – 30ppm, 15ppm, 9ppm.  Oil – 60ppm. Lower Excess Air requirements for extremely efficient operation. No External Flue Gas Recirculation (FGR) required.

Webster is well known to have the best lead times in the business.  Contact us to help you configure the optimal burner for your conditions!

Neptune Chemical Pump Company has Redesigned its Peristaltic (Hose) Pump!

Neptune Chemical Pump Company is a premier manufacturer of chemical metering pumps, chemical feed systems and chemical injection accessories. Neptune’™s hydraulic and mechanical diaphragm metering pumps are well known for injecting chemicals into boilers and cooling towers, and in water and wastewater treatment applications.

Pentad Associates has enjoyed representing Neptune’s quality products for 25 years!

From the June 2017 Issue of the Neptune Sales & Channel Update:

Neptune is pleased to announce that it has redesigned its line of Abaque Series Peristaltic (Hose)
Pumps to incorporate a wide variety of robust design enhancements. The improvements to the
Heavy-Duty Neptune (HDN) pumps include a new hose connection system that has an improved
clamping system with fewer parts to simplify hose replacement, a redesigned pump rotor to decrease
weight and increase strength, and a new oval viewing window that allows shoe adjustment without
removing the cover.

Neptune Abaque Series pumps have a seal-free design that eliminates leaks and product contamination.
These self-priming pumps can run in forward or reverse and offer suction-lift capabilities to 25.5 feet (9 meters),
as well as the ability to run dry without adversely affecting performance, pressure and accuracy (no slip).

If you think this heavy-duty pump can help you with a challenging service, give Pentad a call right now!

TM Filtration – Cyclonic Separators for the Natural Gas Pipeline

TM Filtration’s Cyclonic Separator is custom designed to fit a High Pressure Natural Gas Pipeline

This unit will remove liquids and particulates without the use of a filter element.

The particulates are removed using a high speed rotating gas flow within the body of the cylinder.

Design Pressure 1,232 Psi @ 160F, Designed per ASME Code Section VIII Division 1 and “U” Stamp.


Come look at Ware’™s new Inside Look at their 1000 Horsepower Mobile Boiler Room! 

WARE Designs and Builds The World’s Largest Mobile Boiler Rooms.  WARE also has the largest Mobile Boiler Room Fleet in the United States. A Mobile Boiler Room is an ideal choice for your long-term or complex projects. Your plant or business will continue to operate and stay on track utilizing one of WARE’s Mobile Boiler Rooms.   We can help you make plans in advance or assist with a fast quote in case of emergency.  Let us know how we can help!

Zeeco Aftermarket Products & Services – The Right Part, Right Now

Aftermarket Parts & Services Together with Zeecos Rapid Response Team, will have your Equipment back Online

When you need the right part, right now—call Zeeco first. From flare tips to pilots and ignition systems, they’re competitive on price and unmatched in experience. The ZEECO® Aftermarket Products and Service team has both the engineering and operations experience to understand the problems you face and the timelines you work under. They typically respond to every parts and service request within 24 hours, but if that isn’t fast enough, they can deploy their Rapid Response Team… designed to deliver under challenging deadlines. With its own workflow, from purchasing and planning through testing and shipping, the Zeeco Rapid Response Team can quickly produce custom parts without the need to work around normal production.  Call Pentad / Zeeco for parts help today!