IT IS TIME TO REPLACE THE STRAINERS & MEDIA! If you have one of the following units on your facility, it may be time to replace the strainers inside to RESTORE the performance of your system. • Monoscour Gravity Filters • Cation, Anion, Mixed Bed Ion Exchangers • Condensate Polishers • Softeners • Sand or Multi-media Filters • Regeneration Vessel. Contact us for more information. 303-688-4070 [MORE] STRAINER OPTIONS (STAINLESS OR PLASTIC)? Stainless Steel Strainers Our Stainless Steel Strainers are available in various sizes depending on your original system design. Used in filters, softeners, demineralizers and regeneration vessels. Rugged construction stands up to demanding conditions. With and without air scour option. Also available in Hastelloy. AWS Strainers For gravity and pressure filters with air scour. The AWS strainer is installed from the top, by one person, no need for plenum access. Designed for superior air scour and backwash distribution to ensure optimal cleaning and media reclassification for optimum system performance. Partilok Strainers For gravity & pressure filters with & without air scour. The Partilok® strainer is available in various configurations to fit your original Graver filter or competitor filters. Designed for both water-only backwash and air scour/water backwash systems.

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