Do you feel like you’re watching your money vaporize with your fuel?  Well E-Tech has the solution! They are a forerunner in Green engineering and manufacture Engineered Heat Recovery Products that save money and the environment.



Their engineered equipment can produce efficiencies of up to 95% from your fuel dollar while reducing pollutants in your exhaust, and their numbers are only improving. E-Tech has been engineering exacting and custom results for waste heat recovery needs since 1976. This commitment has produced thousands of designs for virtually every type of application.



E-Tech only uses the best subcontractors, making sure to hand pick the ones they exclusively know and can rely on to be as exact and thorough as they are themselves. This detailed process guarantees that every piece of E-Tech equipment will meet your needs for reliability and ensures that you will get the results you seek.



What kind of product does E-Tech engineer?  They have developed a multitude of Economizers, Combustion Air, Process & Thermal Fluid Heaters, as well as their own ThermoCharger™ System and ExhaustMizer™ Exhaust Waste Heat Recovery Solution.  The Boiler Room, Engine & Turbine Exhaust, Oven & Dryers, Petrochemical and Rotary Kiln are only a few of their many applications.



E-Tech is a MACT-Compliant Heat Recovery Systems Manufacturer and is compliant with the latest EPA requirements.  Since one method of lowering emissions to meet certain MACT requirements is to add heat recovery equipment, E-Tech can be invaluable in helping a non-compliant boiler room with their efforts.



E-Tech is well-known throughout the industry for their custom engineering, designing and building components to work with existing configurations. Now in their fifth decade of waste heat recovery engineering there is very little they have not seen, and addressed!  Pentad Associates is proud of our past years working with E-Tech, and we would be excited to work with you on any upcoming project or hard-to-source need you may have.  We have many local installations – this photo is of a locally installed slurry cooler skid built by E-Tech.  Please call us today!


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