Portable Ventilation Equipment by COPPUS¨

Ventilation Solutions that Reduce Safety Risks & Increase Efficiency


*      Proven & Safe

*      Economical

*      Reliable & Trusted


For the past 100 years and more, COPPUS® Portable Ventilators have been the model for performance and reliability around the globe. 


They are excited and prepared to meet and perform to every current guideline & procedure by providing fresh air supply for drying and curing operations, confined space ventilation, equipment and personnel cooling.  


COPPUS®  steam-, air-, water- and electric-driven units are lightweight, versatile and your best option for continuous service in hazardous environments.  


These high-pressure units deliver up to 17,000 cfm (28,890 m3/hr) of free air. A wide range of accessories are available to enhance convenience and safety.


COPPUS® Portable Ventilators are well suited to meet the demands of construction, maintenance and safety professionals in all industrial ventilation services, such as in the Oil & Gas, Tank Storage and Petrochemical Industries. 


COPPUS® Fans & Blowers continually prove to be the safe & economical choice for degassing process equipment, holds & tanks, mechanical vapor, & gas freeing applications. 


COPPUS® is well-known for increasing efficiencies in industrial sectors all over the world.


Pentad Associates would like to assist with equipment selection for new service, or replacement units or spare parts for existing equipment.  Give us a call!

Neptune Chemical Pump Maintenance Video – Diaphragm Removal and Replacement

This video provides the step-by-step procedure to remove and replace a diaphragm in Neptune™ 500/560/600/6000 Series hydraulically actuated pumps.




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TM Filtration & Gas Filtering Technology

From a previous posting on this site, you know that TM Filtration has developed a new Desander specifically designed to remove sand and particulates from new and capped gas wells before sending natural gas into the pipeline.


TM Filtration also builds a Horizontal Vane Separator, designed per API Specification 12J to remove particles and liquids

from a gasification process. 


New for 2017 is TM Filtration’s Gas Vane Dryer! Natural gas wells are often thought of as free flowing with no need for artificial lift. However, many gas wells produce some liquids–condensate, water or both–at some stage in their life cycles. If this liquid is not removed from the well, it will accumulate in the well bore, inhibit gas production and limit the ultimate recovery of gas from the reservoir. The accumulation of liquid in the well bore causes increased pressure against the producing gas formation (back pressure), which inhibits gas flow from the reservoir into the well bore. This back pressure also inhibits gas flow up the well bore to the surface. The liquid in the well bore also can enter the reservoir and cause a water blockage that will further inhibit gas flow into the well. Therefore, to maximize gas inflow and outflow, and to maximize ultimate recovery from the reservoir, it is necessary to remove any accumulated liquid from the well bore and keep it removed on a continuous basis.


TM Filtration has a model 356H (With a Posi-Sealoc II ® Closure) and a Model 355 with a bolted closure. Because this is a new technology, using no chemicals, and has four phases of mechanical separating technology built into the system, TM Filtration currently has a Patent Pending on this design. To make sure the natural gas is 99.99% cleaned, TM has incorporated GFM Technology ® into the final step in this new design. This new Gas Dryer Technology will remove 99.99% of all debris and remove 99.99% of all liquids greater than 0.3 Micron. This mechanical dryer can be furnished in all flange ratings up to ANSI class 900# and built in accordance with ASME section VIII Division 1, with a “U” stamp. Custom sizes and pressures available. The mechanical vanes portion are designed per the requirements of API 12J.


Thanks to Fluid Engineering/TM Filtration Spring 2017 Filtration Newsletter for this information!  Call us today to arrange a meeting to go over your gas filtering needs!


Why Use A Condensate Polisher?

Graver Water Systems GRF® Condensate Polishers are a proven solution for treating condensate for reuse as boiler feed water, and reduce the need for fresh makeup process water.  GRF® Polishers remove corrosion products such as iron, copper and other metal oxides as well as dissolved solids from the steam condensate, including hardness (calcium/magnesium) and other multi-valent cations resulting in efficient maintenance of boiler water quality.


Polishers are used widely before medium/high pressure industrial boilers to extend service life in steam generators and in various industrial processes. 


Pentad and Graver would be happy to discuss you or your customer’s steam cycle makeup or condensate cycle equipment needs. If a Lunch & Learn is of interest, please call!

Neptune Chemical Pump Company – New Start-Up Procedure Video!


The following link is to Neptune’s video for Correct Start-Up Procedure


This video provides the step-by-step start-up procedure for Neptune™ 500/560/600/6000 Series hydraulically actuated pumps. Hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps are well-known for injecting chemicals into boilers and cooling towers, and in water and wastewater-treatment applications.


Please contact Pentad if we can assist with any Neptune parts or service you require!

Victory Energy Boilers


Pentad Associates is proud to announce our partnership with Victory Energy. Victory Energy has an extensive product portfolio of custom-engineered heat recovery, industrial boiler systems and combustion solutions offerings that serve a wide range of industrial and institutional markets. 

From the beginning, the goals of Victory Energy have been to be a single-source solutions provider backed by superior service. Their commitment to customer satisfaction continues to guide their core values. Today, they are a leading boiler supplier offering custom solutions through advanced technologies and state-of-the-art manufacturing.

The engineering that goes into each and every Victory Energy boiler is both exacting and thorough.  You’ll find Victory Energy’s engineering acumen being felt across all boilers, no matter what your needs or operating conditions.  It is a process that’s repeatable on any project that hits their manufacturing floor. 

Every boiler projects starts with the development process for thermal design and boiler size, plus factoring in the job-specific requirements for steam capacity, pressure and temperature, fuels available, emission limitations, physical space limitations, and any additional requirements. Once all this fundamental understanding and work is in place, General Arrangement drawings that depict the equipment dimensions and layout, customer tie-in locations and details, and design data are developed to precise specifications. In the final stage, detailed fabrication drawings are developed that are used throughout the manufacturing process.

Let us here at Pentad Associates help you with your next boiler project. Please give us a call for a presentation or Lunch & Learn.

Siemens / Dresser-Rand Steam Turbines

Pentad Associates specializes in providing new equipment, sales & aftermarket support for rotating equipment as process solutions in a wide variety of applications and industries. Primarily focusing on steam turbine applications (both mechanical drive & power generation.) From front end engineering design consulting to end of life repurposing — it’s cradle to grave support.

We are partnered with Siemens/Dresser-Rand steam turbines. With over a century of experience and continuous development in steam turbine technology, Siemens and Dresser-Rand has stayed at the forefront of development and is a prime partner for your business. With a fleet of more than 20,000 steam turbines worldwide, Siemens and Dresser-Rand is a reliable and experienced partner. Siemens Steam Turbines are an essential piece of turbomachinery to many power plants worldwide. They are applied either as a generator drive or a mechanical drive for pumps and compressors. The modular design concept of all steam turbines ensures high flexibility, availability and a reduction of time-to-market.

We would like to meet with you and your team and go over any equipment needs you have. Please call Randall Miller at 303-688-4070.

It’s Never Too Late to Insulate Your Steam or Hot Water System

We hope you enjoy this article from Ware’s December/January 2017 Newsletter “The Grime”



Thermal Economy Burner Management & Control Systems

THERMAL ECONOMY, iNC. provideS burner management and control systems to the power industry for fired boilers, fired heaters, heat recovery boilers, and all other related systemS.



Have a boiler that needs a control system? Look no further!  Thermal Economy is here to help.  They have control systems for boilers, burners, fired heaters, pumps… the list goes on!  Systems can be installed on both new equipment or retrofitted to existing equipment.  



The power industry is their specialty.  They have all the knowledge required to design, fabricate, test, commission and install all of their systems.  They provide turnkey services and all of the field startup and commissioning services required for a successful field implementation and startup.



Thermal Economy control systems are found in refineries, power plants, chemical & manufacturing plants, hospitals, universities & military bases.  Currently, Thermal Economy has over 250 operating systems in over 125 locations.  Two local systems are at the US Air Force Academy and Fort Carson Army Base.


Thermal Economy’s capabilities include: Burner management and control system design, PLC programming, human machine interface (HMI) graphic screen development, PLC based boiler control systems, Design and manufacture to U.L., CSA, IRI, Factory Mutual, and NFPA standards as well as customer specifications.  Systems are always designed with operators and maintenance in mind.



They have up-to-date training sessions for their employees, so as to give the customer a better experience with their customer service.  The installation process is easy and hassle free for the customer with their proficient and friendly personnel to provide construction oversight and management services.




For over 20 years, Thermal Economy has been expanding their capabilities and product scope to become the premier supplier of control and burner management systems for all types of fired equipment and other related equipment.   Contact Pentad today to discuss your new or retrofit project plans.